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Managed Awareness

Our Managed Awareness service helps organisations develop and maintain a strong security culture through bite-sized training, ongoing awareness and phishing simulations, all through a ready-to-go, brandable, intuitive platform.

Whether you need simply need licenses, help deploying or a fully managed service, we can help.

Service Levels


You buy the licenses through us, and you manage CybSafe with full autonomy


We provide implementation & ongoing support, on a project basis, alongside licenses


We manage all aspects of CybSafe, the rollout and ongoing management and reporting

IMAGE Admin_expereince.png

We partner with CybSafe to provide you with GCHQ and IISP certified content through a multi-lingual, modular, and intuitive platform that covers initial training, ongoing awareness, phishing, and behavioural and cultural improvements.

Our managed service simplifies onboarding and ongoing management of the platform, and includes ongoing reviews of the cultural impact and tweaking the platform to suit your business.

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