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Our services are delivered by experienced professionals, all of whom have held relevant positions within industry before joining our team.

This industry experience has been crucial in developing our services, ensuring they are based on the outcomes our clients need.



Our maturity assessments help organisations understand their current security and data protection maturity, identifying risks, and provide contextualised recommendations

Chief Information Security Officer as a Service

Our Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) provides access to the capabilities required to respond to the threats of today and plan for those of tomorrow.

Data Protection Officer

as a Service

Our Data Protection Officer-as-a-Service (DPOaaS) provides access to the capabilities required to manage data protection requirements across global business operations.



Utilising an industry-leading training, awareness, and phishing platform, our Managed Awareness service is designed to improve and maintain a security conscious culture.



Utilising an industry-leading, privacy, security and third-party risk platform, our Managed GRC service helps organisations comply with data protection regulations and manage associated risks



Whether you require support implementing recommendations from our maturity assessments, or have specific projects in mind, we can provide the right resources to realise your objectives. 

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