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Want to understand your organisation's high-level security maturity*?


We have made it really easy! 


Start by providing your name and email address, then select the assessment you wish to complete.

You will then receive an email invitation to start your assessment.

Follow the instructions and once finished you will receive your report straight away. A copy will also be emailed to you.

The available free assessments are listed below, along with some example outputs.

Thank you!

Your assessment email will be with you shortly, in no longer than 15 minutes.

By submitting your personal data you consent to us processing this for the purpose of sending you this assessment, and the results. Under our legitimate interest, we may contact you in relation to the report and your results, but will not process your personal data for any other purpose.

Available Assessments

The following free assessments are currently available through our website.

​*These assessments are designed to help you understand high-level areas that may require focus, and are not exhaustive. Furthermore, as these assessments are not accompanied by evidence, or reviewed by an industry expert, they should not be relied upon for governance, compliance or assurance activities. ICA Consultancy accept no liability for how these reports are used.

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