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Hampshire Trust Bank

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

ICA Consultancy began working with Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) in July 2018, supporting the definition of an Enterprise Security Strategy. Having already invested in maturing their cyber security controls and external assessments of their maturity, HTB wanted to build their understanding of the breadth of threats they face and the effectiveness of their capabilities against these.

ICA Consultancy supported HTB in performing a high level threat assessment and mapped these and their current maturity to an industry framework. In this case an extended version of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

This mapping enabled the identification and prioritisation of activities to ensure HTB were able to manage information and cyber risks. The resulting roadmap builds upon their existing investments and maturity, and delivers a security operating model that measures its own effectiveness, therefore supporting continuous improvement.

Following the approval of the Enterprise Security Strategy, ICA Consultancy continues to support HTB. Below are some examples of the work performed:

  1. Impact assess specific threat scenarios;

  2. Definition of a third party security assurance methodology;

  3. Delivery of a tailored cyber resilience scenario with their Executive Committee; and

  4. Definition of Target Operating Model requirements.

To ensure HTB received the upmost value ICA Consultancy provides a flexible engagement model, that consists of both focused initiatives, and ad-hoc advice and guidance. This provides HTB with the trusted advice they need to make maturity improvements, whilst developing their own internal capabilities.

You can read the whole article about how Hampshire Trust Bank is transforming its operations, and the part ICA Consultancy plays in the article, here.

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