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Cyber Security in Private Equity

Protecting your investments against the rising cost of cyber attacks

Cyber Security is crucial for Private Equity Firms

Cyber security should not be viewed as a cost for Private Equity firms but rather as a strategic investment that protects their sensitive data, mitigates financial risks, safeguards their reputation, and enhances the value of their portfolio companies.

Protect Sensitive Data

Private Equity firms handle sensitive data like financial records, deal terms, and investor details. Furthermore, they may have access to portfolio data, such as intellectual property.
A breach could leak this information to competitors or expose investors to financial risks. 

Mitigate Financial Risk

Cyber security attacks can have significant financial impacts on Private Equity firms and their portfolio businesses. This may include disruption to operations, regulatory fines and ransom demands. A successful attack may also impact the firm's return on investment at point of sale.

Maintain Reputational Value

A successful cyber attack on a Private Equity firm, or its portfolio companies, can damage its reputation with investors, partners, and the public. This can lead to lost business opportunities and decreased investor confidence, making it more difficult to attract quality investors.

Support Portfolio Companies

By conducting thorough cyber security due diligence during M&A, Private Equity firms can identify and mitigate risks, potentially increasing the value of their investments. This enables the Private Equity firm to understand how to target improvements to their portfolio companies.

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